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We chose the name Monkfish because of the story of how the monkfish got its name.

Being a rather unsightly fish, fisherman gave it free to the monks at the monastery, thinking they could never sell a fish so ugly.

But what the monks knew is that it was the most delicious fish of all with a succulent taste of lobster.

So while the fishermen discarded this ugly fish to the monks, the monks went home knowing they were about to have a most delicious dinner.

Especially for 2021, Kelly and I have intended to practice the peaceful thinking of a monk, some days more than others. We love the message of the monkfish: look beyond the outward appearance of anything in your life to see the treasure of what's inside. (This is especially helpful if you have teenagers like we do!)

And the best part is, monkfish have been spotted in the Barnegat Bay!

We look forward to welcoming everyone to Monkfish Waterfront Grill!

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